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AchieveGlobal’s Training Performance Consultants are exceptional performers in a competitive industry. Because their work time is virtually undiluted by responsibilities other than training delivery, they are able to maintain their skill sets and remain at the top of their game. In addition, their diverse industry experience has enabled them to synthesize multiple perspectives, which translates into a richer participant experience for learners.

Our trainers have been trained in instructional design, as well as all aspects of adult learning – both universally taught and specific to our programs. They engage all the senses involved in the learning process:  smell with our scented markers and modeling play; sight with our wall charts, colored easel charts, reading material, and videos as appropriate; hearing with our  videos, trainer and participant interaction; and, to appeal to the kinesthetic learner there are practices, role plays, and toys. To ensure that you will achieve your expected outcomes, our trainers will conduct the delivery as specified by our program delivery guides in order to replicate the experience from coast to coast, including multiple deliveries on the same day nationwide.

Our trainers have certain qualities that are strongly interrelated: experience, patience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and a natural affinity with groups.  In addition, they demonstrate a common set of personal characteristics that contribute to their – and our customer’s success:


  • Recognizes what motivates and stimulates participants to maximum output and performance
  • Reads the audience, understands the learning styles, and adapts the training approach accordingly
  • Models the skills taught in our programs inside and outside the classroom
  • Exhibits outstanding delivery and platform skills
  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of seminar/program concepts and skills
  • Is comfortable and effective conversing and delivering to executives
  • Links the skills, techniques, and approaches to your unique business situations

Select Trainer Bios

Kate McCrae

Mike Miles

Mary Ann Monas

Peter Strickland

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